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 Hello from Sunny Florida!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our site. Kellum's Racing is a family team that consists of Chip & Tonya, the parents and Christopher & Cheyenne, the children. We are always racing from one activity to the next. Here on our site you can find all kinds of information pertaining to Christopher's Go-Kart Racing and Cheyenne in her next endeavors. We hope you enjoy the site and stop back often.  Due to a recent injury to her wrist, Cheyenne is currently not competing in any sports. She was on a youth bowling league until this incident.

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Here are our favorite sites. Click on the link above to see more great Sites.

bullet Eastbay Raceway
bulletFlorida Karting Association
bulletWorld Karting Association
bullet Tampa Lake Park BMX
bulletDade City Motocross

Go-Kart Racing is competitive and costly. We are looking for sponsors for Christopher and have placed his resume online. Please take a moment to view his resume --> Click Here

You can email us at:

Photo Album - Updated 7/27/04

Race Updates

Here you will find pictures of Christopher racing Go-Karts, Motocross & Bmx, Cheyenne racing Motocross, BMX & playing Baseball & a few family pictures. 

Short Bi-Weekly Race Updates:

July, 2005 - Christopher is currently out of town for a vacation with family. He will be racing again soon. Check back to the site often to find out when his next race is. Hope to see you there.


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