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My Photo Gallery

Below are pictures from my Go Kart races, also pictures from when I used to race Motocross and BMX. I even have a few pictures of my family and pets.

Christopher's Go-Kart Pictures

Kellums Racing

This is me in one of my first races, in April 2004

My new cart - 2005

Lets Go Racing

Lineing Up - Concentration Time

This is me one day - LOL

Christopher & Cheyenne's MotoCross Pictures

Catching Up

I loved coming from behind to win! It makes the race so much more fun.

4th Place

I finished in 4th place in this race. There were lots of riders and this is a tough track.

Catch me if you Can

I just like this picture, isn't it cool. I finished 9th at this race, but it was fun.

2002 Trophey

This is me with my first MotoCross trophey, the bike I won on and my sponsor from MotoJet in Brandon, Florida.

2003 Trophey

Here is a close up of my trophey. Isn't it really nice. I am proud of this.

My new bike

I moved up a class and bought a new bike from my friend Daniel.

Catch Me if you Can

As you can see, I love to race.

Catching Air

This is a practice day, I was just having some fun.

Practice Fun

Sometimes you just have to catch some air and have some fun.

Over the Hill

Here I come, I love going over the hills, always catching air.

More Racing

I raced every weekend. I have a need for speed.

Big Air

This is one of my favorite pictures of me catching some big air.

Trading Card

Okay I may not be big yet, but hey if you have one now, when I am you can say you have one of my first trading cards.

Broken Leg

This is when I broke my leg, right below the knee, I was in a cast for 6 weeks.

Christopher & Cheyenne's BMX Pictures

Kentucky Grands

This was a fun out of state race, went with my dad and our friend Rudy and his son Ryan.

5-Star Series

This was in Tallahassee, Florida our team did really good.

Oak Mountain

This was my first race out of state, my little sister raced too.

Cheyenne's Baseball Pictures


Team - Phillies

Cheyenne posing for team and individual pictures


Cheyenne and Corbin watching team mates on the field

Batting Practice

Waiting her turn to the batting cages

Play Ball

Phillies take the field


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