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Catching Up

I loved coming from behind to win! It makes the race so much more fun.

4th Place

I finished in 4th place in this race. There were lots of riders and this is a tough track.

Catch me if you Can

I just like this picture, isn't it cool. I finished 9th at this race, but it was fun.

2002 Trophey

This is me with my first MotoCross trophey, the bike I won on and my sponsor from MotoJet in Brandon, Florida.

2003 Trophey

Here is a close up of my trophey. Isn't it really nice. I am proud of this.

My new bike

I moved up a class and bought a new bike from my friend Daniel.

Catch Me if you Can

As you can see, I love to race.

Catching Air

This is a practice day, I was just having some fun.

Practice Fun

Sometimes you just have to catch some air and have some fun.

Over the Hill

Here I come, I love going over the hills, always catching air.

More Racing

I raced every weekend. I have a need for speed.

Big Air

This is one of my favorite pictures of me catching some big air.

Trading Card

Okay I may not be big yet, but hey if you have one now, when I am you can say you have one of my first trading cards.

Broken Leg

This is when I broke my leg, right below the knee, I was in a cast for 6 weeks.